Make PowerPoint More Effective

Here is a quick tip to make your PowerPoint slides more effective. It is based on brain research into how to focus your audience's attention on the key points you want them to remember. According to Mark Murphy, founder of Leadership IQ, "spatial cueing is when you highlight a specific part of the slide, e.g. with a colored circle or zooming or fading [...]

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5 Predictions for the Future of Animated Marketing Videos

It's no surprise that animated marketing videos offer one of the best ways to immediately engage website visitors. As a popular tool in digital marketing, video conserves a [...]

How to Make My PowerPoint Look Amazing – Without Being a Designer!

The presenter takes their place. Anticipation! The speaker fiddles around with the computer and then... their first slide! Oh, no, 10 bullet points, no image and more text [...]

Ensure Your Case Study Is Relevant

For many years, I have used the same case study in a seminar to teach managers how to coach their employees to improve performance. Luckily, it has resonated with participants [...]

What The Election Teaches Us About The Importance of Design

Politics seems like a rough road, filled with both questionable characters as well as honest civil servants. Design, on the other hand, appears to be just as it seems. A solid [...]